FJF Training
FJF Training offers personal training sessions at a location convenient to the client whether in a gym or outside. I offer body analysis
and tailored nutrition plans to ensure the client gets the most out of their sessions. I also hold classes throughout the week ranging from a
running club, one-to-one boxing, and circuit training.
You can pick from our qualified and friendly personal trainers; Francis and Caroline.
Trainer bio:


Francis is a very results driven trainer who believes that every diet and workout plan should be bespoke to the individual client as there’s no 
‘one size fits all’ plan. He constantly pushes his clients out of their comfort zone to guarantee that every workout is better than their last while  keeping it fun.


. Level 3 Personal Trainer
. Level 3 Advanced Nutrition
. Sports Massage
. Metabolic conditioning and resistance training
. Group Cycling
. Boxing
. Circuit and HIIT Training


Caroline is a highly motivated trainer who focuses on her client’s goals. She always ensures her clients are motivated by incorporating new and exciting exercises.


. Level 3 Personal Trainer
. Level 3 Nutrition
. Level 3 GP Referral
. Kettlebell Training
. TRX Training
. Circuit and HIIT Training
. Aerobic Training

All our trainers are minimum Level 3 qualified and registered with REPS.

What you get with Online Training:

Nutrition Consultation - At the start of your journey, you will fill out a food diary to track exactly what
foods you consume. This way we are able to assess your dietary habits and make positive changes if necessary. 
We believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to nutrition therefore we ensure to take your existing 
lifestyle and preferences into account before giving any advice.

Personal Exercise Program - Each month you will receive a detailed exercise plan tailored to your goal. Using
the FJF Training App, you will be able to view each exercise with a tutorial video attached to ensure you are
doing it correctly at all times. You will also be assessed regularly so that we can progress your plan 

Direct Access to Your Trainer - This is particularly important as we want you to get the most out of your 
training and see lasting results. We want you to feel that you have your trainer at your side throughout
your journey, giving you motivation and encouragement as though you are having 1-2-1 sessions.

What We Want From You - We expect you to be completely motivated and focused to get the most out of your 
training. Our trainers are completely dedicated to each and every client so we expect you to show the same
dedication in your own training.

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